NCOFCU Leadership
NCOFCU is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors elected by the member credit unions a
nd 3 Associate Directors positions selected by the directors. The Board is comprised of credit unions, primarily serving firefighters, executives and volunteers from across the US. The Board meets no less that 4 times a year, twice in person at the annual planning session, annual educational conference and periodically by phone.

There are 5 standing committees that are charged with managing various facets of the organization. The Committees are Executive Committee, Finance & Budget, Annual Conferences,  Membership and By-Law Committee. Each committee sets their meeting schedule and is comprised of at least one board member and volunteers from the member credit unions. The committee chairmen reports their projects and progress directly to the Board of Directors.

Gerald Horwedel Chairman
FirefighterFirst CU

Vice Chairman
Bonnie Sensing
Nashville Firemen's CU.

2nd V. Chairman
Michael R. Tobler Chairman 
Albany Firemens FCU

Gene Benick CEO 
Newark Fireman FCU

David Lantrip Director
Houston Firefighters FCU

Eddie Paris Director
Boston Firefighters CU

John Cowin Chairman

Syracuse Fire Department FCU

Brian Kurzel Director
Charlotte Fire Department FCU

Michael McCormick Director
San Diego Firefighters FCU

Associate Director
Linda Williams CEO
Akron Firefighters CU

Associate Director
Howard Ward Director

Baton Rouge Fire Dept. Fed. CU

Associate Director
Andy Doyle Chairman
F&A Federal Credit Union

The Executive Director / CEO, duties include the day-to-day administration of the organization, sponsor relations, member recruitment and retention, and conference planning. The Executive Director/CEO reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Grant Sheehan, Founder and Executive Director/CEO of NCOFCU , retired (after 26 years) as a Fire Lieutenant, Driver Engineer, EMT and Municipal Fire Inspector from the City of Miami Fire department where he also served as the City of Miami's Capital Projects Coordinator in Budget and Finance . He held the position as credit union board Chairman for 15 years and served as CEO for 11 years of Miami Firefighters Federal Credit Union. CEO/President of Sheehans Consulting LLC

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